Innovation und Lean Management are fully within the trend. But what is really behind these keywords?
Find out during an interactive lecture and get familiar with it. Use our impulse to gain new insights, drive changes or trigger debates.


Have you already heard something about Continuous Improvement, SWOT or SCRUM?
We impart fundamentals in Innovation and Lean Management and their practical applicabilities in the form of basic trainings to find answers to this question.


You are interested in the theory of Lean Management and want to learn their methods or rather to refresh and deepen existing expertises?
During our workshop we will jointly develop a common understanding for methods and techniques to
apply them targeted in practical scenarios. Furthermore, we´ll concentrate on added value and wastes.


Your current working methods and projects are more characterized by a classical structure and less by dynamic?
Agility enables you to a new and more dynamic form of cooperation to react faster on a constantly changing environment and to focus the customers request. We train roles and workflows and show limitations of the classical and agile project management.


You lack a proper format to work in interactive teams on focused ideas and to put them into practice?
We use Design Thinking and other methods to transfer gradually problems and challenges into concrete ideas and innovative solutions.
Concepts are directly tested close to the users needs and will be transferred into Minimum Viable Products (MVP) afterwards.

Sounds like a hit?

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